M164 (Negative Ion Germanium Bracelet)

Negative Ion Germanium Wellness Bracelet

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How do Negative Ion work

Every city-dweller is leading a hectic life with stress from work, accompanied by environmental pollutions, human body accumulates surplus positive ions (acids) that makes one more vulnerable to different diseases.  Negative ions are capable of lifting the alkaline levels inside our bodies, this will neutralize the acidic toxins and improve a better balance of health.  Negative ions facilitate blood circulation and enhance metabolism by lifting body temperatures.  This improves our quality of sleep and soothes fatigue from sore muscles caused by work or exercising.

How do Germanium work

The element of germanium can work by a little energy (such as body temperature).  An atomic nucleus of germanium has 32 electrons, and there are four electrons moved irregularly in the outer orbit.  Once the temperature gets higher, one of the four electrons will be stimulated and got out of its orbit.   The detached electron would help to keep the organism in ion balanced, and then recuperate the abnormal current of nerve cells, which will improve and prevent the uncomfortable feeling.  Germanium can also adjust the abnormal electric potential in human body.  Germanium has the character of semiconductor, which can increase body temperature and improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

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